Pharmaceutical Services

Elevate healthcare with our tailored pharmaceutical solutions designed to streamline operations and set new excellence benchmarks. Our approach eliminates the need for external services, reduces costs, and minimizes waste, revolutionizing healthcare efficiency.

Pharmacy Compounding: Our fully automated compounding system delivers a consistent supply of essential medications with extended stability from sterile-to-sterile FDA approved products.

EMS Services: We bridge the gap between EMS and acute care hospitals, enhancing pre-hospital care, reducing waste, and cutting costs, thereby improving patient experiences.

Nuclear Pharmacy: Our advanced compounding techniques for pharmaceutical isotopes enable superior diagnostic imaging, ensuring precision and clarity.

Central Fill Pharmacy: Our future-forward Central Fill Pharmacy utilizes cutting-edge technology for efficient prescription processing and delivery, ensuring speed, accuracy, and safety. As a committed partner in health, we aim to transform pharmacy operations for a healthier future.

Surgical Kits

At the heart of every successful surgery lies meticulous preparation. With our custom and standard surgical kits, you’re not just choosing efficiency; you’re embracing a seamless integration of quality and convenience for your medical procedures. Our strategic alliance with American Contract Systems empowers our Pack Operations department to deliver impeccably sterilized, single-use surgical essentials, ensuring your focus remains undivided on the patient’s care.

Our commitment to excellence is encapsulated in our quality. This philosophy guides us as we streamline your pre-operative setup, allowing you to embark on each procedure with confidence and precision. Explore our offerings and discover how we can transform your surgical preparation process.

Centralized Service Center (CSC)

Our Centralized Service Center (CSC) offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that essential products are readily available to meet the needs of our healthcare provider members. We curate a diverse portfolio of high-quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide, guaranteeing you access to the best solutions in healthcare. LeeSar’s dedication to excellence, and unwavering commitment to providing top quality products at affordable prices across the healthcare continuum remains steadfast as we continuously pivot to maneuver global supply chain pressures.