It’s all about serving you!


President & C.E.O.

“We’re always exploring new ways to provide for our customers with even more products and services.”

“We never stop investigating how to drive more value into the system. There are 5000 people moving to Florida every month. That means that all healthcare facilities require more bed space. By providing centralized supply chain management, in effect we are taking over the non-care operations. The result is we are freeing up valuable hospital space for patients and care providers. But we won’t stop there…”

VICKIE DRAGICH Chief Financial Officer

“We are truly collaborators in supply chain management.”

“By working together, we can identify unique strategies to further deliver value; value to our vendors, value to our hospital community, value to our patients — and in the end, it’s the patient who matters most, with better care at a lower cost.”



Vice President of Supply Chain Operations

“We’re fully committed to our customers.”

They are what drives this business. It is our intense focus on customer service that has made us an industry leader. Moreover, the numbers speak for themselves. We have really raised the bar in health care distribution; we have 98% fill rates, 99.9% accuracy and will deliver within 24 hours. Even with this phenomenal service, we still save the client money, with a savings of 8 – 10% over other distribution centers.

Fernandez, Barbara (Prof)

BARBARA FERNANDEZ Vice President of Human Resources

“We understand the importance of having the right talent in place.”

“At LeeSar we recognize the importance of an engaged and dedicated workforce.  We are committed to growing our team of caring individuals that are passionate about our mission.  They are the ones that Make It Possible.”


RICHARD ROBERTS         Executive Director of Food Service

“Customer Service is our #1 priority.  People know they can trust the Quality and Safety of our products and that is important to us.”

We are committed to enriching our consumer’s eating experience, whether at the hospital, home or any of our many catering events.  We’re always looking for ways to offer healthy choices that meet the changing needs of our consumer.  We want them to feel better about the foods they eat and we are committed to meeting those needs through improved nutritional value and simpler ingredients.  Every day our team is exploring nutrition and well-being opportunities across the product portfolio.