We Store the Inventory So You Don’t Have To!

The beauty of the system is that we ensure that our warehouse remains stocked with all essential items and therefore we can deliver only what you need on a daily basis.

Inside LeeSar’s 200,000-square-foot Regional Service Center is an 80,000-square-foot, climate-controlled distribution center stocked with all essential healthcare products to quickly and efficiently fulfill member hospital requests and deliveries.

LeeSar Housed in 200,000 Square Foot Facility

  • Located in Fort Myers, Floridaoutbound carousel-6
  • 80,000 square feet Dedicated to Distribution Center
  • Inventories Close to 5,000 SKUs
  • Medical & Radiological Records Storage

Climate control keeps all of our inventory in pristine shape. Following best practices in healthcare and other industries, LeeSar has created secure and sophisticated processes to ensure that member hospitals have what they need, when and where they need it.


80,000 square feet dedicated to distribution center

80,000 square feet dedicated to distribution center

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